New Season - New Scent!

As a self confessed Fragrance Connoisseur, I have picked out a few of the latest Fragrances on the market that I think are going to be a huge hit for the season. If your like me Fragrance isn’t just a smell, its a way to encapsulate memories, a way to assign certain moments to that scent so every time its worn you are reminded of not just a smell but a feeling and emotion too.

I like to change up my fragraces every season exactly like the way I change up my wardrobe - out with the warm comfy clothes and hello to beautiful flowy fabrics, bright patterns and lets not forget the sunshine and how good it makes you feel. That is after all why the Spring/Summer is my favourite time of year, the warmth of the sun just makes you feel so happy and alive .

So what are my picks and what’s on my to try list??

Jo Malone Poppy and Barley - With a description like the below how could i not want to try this beautiful breezy scent ! It’s the top of my shopping list for when we are in New York in a few days time.
"When I smell Poppy & Barley I am taken to the heart of an English meadow during the harvest.
It's the end of every summer when the fields are a sea of gold and I picture lively light poppies moving and dancing in the breeze."

Gucci Memoire - A unisex scent, an aromatic floral with a unique blend of chamomile, coral jasmine, woody musks and sweet vanilla. Anything with Vanilla and I am all over it!


Louis Vuitton Sun Song - Just the name has me sold and lets be real its likely to be the only Louis item I will be able to afford whilst im on wedding saving duties 😂😂!! This fragrance is also unisex so we can justify the spend by saying it’s for our partners too right?? Its decription has me pining for a beachside escape, it’s said to embody the cool and effortless spirit of California, with notes of an afternoon swim - sounds dreamy to me!


Tom Ford Mettalique - A musky Floral that im sure Tom Ford have perfected in everyway. The soft scent of vanilla and creamy sandalwood layer an addictive, contrasting finish that further drives the metallic opening of Métallique. This addictive floral fragrance reverberates with a core of white flowers, while lighter-than-air aldehydes open the scent like a second skin.


Guerlain Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose - I am a massive Mon Guerlain fan so I don’t even need to smell this to know it will be good. Their original Eau De Parfum is one of my absolute favourite scents, sometimes I feel like Guerlain get overlooked by the younger generation but honestly they have so many beautful products that are waiting for you to discover.

YSL - Word on the street is they are launching a new fragrance into NZ in the next two weeks and its meant to be all kinds of dreamy. Im unfourtunately only just flying in on the day of the event, so will be missing out on the reveal but will bring you all the details as soon as I have them to share <3

New scents tried and tested by me that you need!!

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight - An edgy and luxe scent that I actually love more than the original flowerbomb!! Super sensual and seductive perfect for a warm Summers evening event. If you love Jasmine you will be all over this!


Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De l’Homme - This ones for the Man in your life, just trust me when I say it’s amazing. An oriental spicy accord of cardamom and tonka bean is enriched with a woody accord that consists of sandalwood, patchouli, sage and leather to give a sense of sensuality, power and addiction. So fresh and soooo soooo sexy!

Azzaro Wanted Girl - She’s sweet and sundrenched, A Floral Oriental Gourmand fragrance with three all-new accords for three-dimensional florality: At its dawn: Ginger flower, At its zenith: Dulce de leche
At its dusk: Haitian vetiver


Armani Code Absolu and Absolu Femme - With Ryan Reynolds as the face do you need anymore convincing as to why its good? If your looking for a beautiful scent that unites you both on a special day then this is one you need to check out. A blend of Tonka Bean and Vanilla that runs strongly throughout both scents it’s truly just beautiful and one you need to try for yourself.


Paco Rabanne Olympea Legend - Inspired by the spirit of adventure shes sweet and so summery!! Again im definetly someone drawn to the Tonka Bean and Vanilla combination it’s just so good, I cant get past it.

unnamed (1).jpg

Tom Ford Acqua - Three new unisex additions to Tom Ford’s Signature line up, inspired by the Italian Coastline - I am OBSESSED ! These only arrived at my door today but are already hard to beat for the warmer months ahead. Tom Ford always create the most devine fragrances but I think these 3 absolutely knock the ball out of the park! So dreamy, the kind of fragrance to make you stop someone in the street and ask them what they are wearing.

Costa Azzura Acqua - Woody aromatic fragrance with fresh fougère and citrus facets that is cool, salty, and refreshing.

Fleur De Portofino Acqua - a sparkling expression of Portofino in full, sensuous bloom. Its floral seduction is inspired by the cascades of white flowers that spill from the branches of the white acacia, the beloved shade tree that dots the Mediterranean gardens and lines its tranquil avenues.

Sole Di Positano Acqua - Tom Ford's Sole di Positano Acqua eau de parfum is an exhilarating scent that evokes the dream-like brilliance of the Italian coast with refreshing lightness. Part of the brand's Acqua Collection, this masterful blend of Italian bergamot, petitgrain bigarade, lemon, and mandarin gleams with the sharp contrast of shiso leaf, reflecting the sunlit vibrancy of the coastal paradise.

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