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Base value - My steps to creating that dreamy base

When it comes to my daily makeup application the most complex part is actually my skincare routine. Having the perfect base to last you all day truly does come down to how you prepare your skin.

I personally use such a wide range of products daily, it's taken me a few years to really nail things that work really well together, but now I have the magic combo I wont be changing much anytime soon. 

Every morning I start with cleansing my skin in the shower, I use a Skin clearing cleanser to start me off. I also exfoliate in the shower every second day with a grainy powder like exfoliant. 

It’s really important that your skin is clean and has no dry skin for your makeup to grab to, - this is how you ensure a super smooth and flawless base. 

Hydration is the next key big thing and so I follow the above steps with my serum, moisturiser and eye cream.

I use the Lancôme Advanced Génifique serum every morning, it is incredible in so many ways. - In the summer time I actually also keep a bottle in the fridge, so once ive been out in the sun I can instantly refresh my skin with it’s goodness. Advanced Génifique has been around for 10 years, but with its latest renovation and a strong focus on the skin’s health, it's definitely a product worth having in your daily routine.

Advanced Génifique keeps my skin feeling soft, smooth and looking super radiant and firm. You will notice long lasting super glowy skin yourself after only using it for 7 days. As well as being anti-aging it's such a great multi use product, you can add a drop into your foundation to give a dewy finish or even pop a small amount on your lips to smooth any lines on the lips too. 

Having a serum in your routine is a key element as it’s such a concentrated product it’s really going to work on strengthening your skin’s moisture barrier and reaction to recovery. 

I allow my serum to soak in for a few minutes before I follow with my moisturiser and eye cream. For during the day time I use a lighter moisturiser generally a more gel based moisturiser as I prefer that texture . Eye cream I go for something that will brighten, de puff and hydrate as generally I am awake super early and need some help to make my eyes not look too sleepy.

These all sit so well under makeup and actually work wonders for my skin. The final step before any makeup goes on is primer and the clear winner for me is the Lancome Prep + Hydrate, this has become a major staple in my personal and professional kits. It gives such a beautiful base for your foundation to adhere too and aids to having you glowing all day long!

So there you have it, nothing too crazy or out of the norm just a few incredible products that really do as they say. 

You can purchase your own Lancôme Genefique locally From Farmers or any Lancôme Counter.

This post was kindly brought to you by Lancôme x #Sponsored

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