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Cooking With My Food Bag

Living a busy life and being out of town so often means I’m not given much time to get into the kitchen and develop my cooking skills. Mostly Regan is left to prepare our dinners because of my schedule, and let’s be honest meal prep is the worst part.. So lucky me, I have him and now my food bag in my life to take all of that hassle away!

Recently my food bag reached out to see if we would be keen to try their limited edition winter warmers box and it blew us away! There’s two slow cooked recipes featuring premium cuts of meat perfect for winter like brisket and lamb shanks each week which we particularly loved, and then two classic dinner meals.

The recipes are super simple to follow - which is great for people like me who often burn more food than they consume. Every meal is full of flavour and nutritious ingredients so you feel great while you’re eating them, and afterwards too! It’s such an awesome feeling to have finished a hectic day and actually be excited to come home to nice dinners that had been cooking away all day, especially now that the evenings are getting darker and colder!

My food bag has really encouraged us to experiment with our meals again, we were so stuck in a routine of having the same things for dinner because we thought they were quick and easy. It’s obvious now that by getting my food bag delivered weekly, we’re not only cutting out multiple trips to the supermarket, but we can plan our meals in advance to suit both of our tastes - not to mention the portions are huge so we have leftovers for lunch the next day too! The best part of it all though is that all the recipes are all quick and super easy to prepare, and the box is delivered right to your door at a time that suits you! No rushing home to find a box full of wilted veggies that have been sitting in the sun on your doorstep!

So far, my favourite recipe offered in the winter warmers box has to hands down be the lamb dahl, honestly one of the best meals I have ever had! The meat was so tender and tasty i went back for seconds, which generally I don’t do. We added a little bit of mashed potato as a side dish because I’m such a potato gal and it was such a yummy extra to go with the meal. The flavours in this dish makes it so perfect for those cold wintry nights and next time Regan and I will definitely have a nice glass of red wine with it to really indulge.

If you're a busy couple like us or a family who want to eat hearty meals but are often short on time, meal kits are a great option. With so much choice on the market now, it can be super hard to know where to start. So if you’re considering trying one out, I’d highly recommend my food bag. With all the recipes created by Nadia I’m herself and the wide range of meal kit options available - there’s something for all dietary requirements and preferences. Plus, all the produce and meat used for each meal is sourced locally in New Zealand.

I also have a promo code STACEYB for you to get you $30 off your first my food bag order, this can also be used for bargain box and fresh start. So try it for yourself! And let me know your thoughts, I would love to see your creations and hear about how you get on!


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