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Christmas Gift Guide - Part One

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

And she’s back for another year, I can’t believe Christmas is so close yet again! I like to try and play Santa’s little helper by putting together a list of some of my favourite items every year, that I think are perfect for gifting to the loves of your life. Whether it’s beauty or fashion, whatever sits in between even a little something for your man I have you covered!

Each year seems to be better than the last and this year especially we are seeing some pretty epic offerings from many of our favourite brands. Especially in the beauty sector. Ya girl can't even walk into Mecca or scroll past it online without making a cheeky purchase lets just say they have all ended up in my own beauty bag so far .. good one Stacey.

I mean if your feeling like a #treatyoself moment too, which in my defence there definitely are some great sets on offer where you essentially in most cases pay for a full-size product but get lots of extras too! So ideal if your needing to restock your moisturiser, or are looking to try something new… if you're actually looking to buy gifts they are great for that too of course.

When it comes to fashion, Summer is definitely my season and Christmas is the best time to drop those hints for that new linen set or beautiful printed dress. Mainly because we are coming into Summer so there is always bound to be some beautiful fabrics and cute accessories floating about within your social media feeds that give you those must have feels.

For me the last 2 years I have really tried my best to invest in items that I know are going to help me leave a lighter footprint where I can in terms of the clothing I buy. By no means have I completely switched to a more sustainable way of buying fashion but I think it's definitely where the world is heading.

Anyways I’ve thrown together a few of my favourite things with more to come, so keep your eyes peeled for part two and possibly three as this years set to be a bloody beaut for gifts as there’s just so many cool things now available!

Regan has been a massive Clinique Mens lover for the last couple of years, so this pack is definitely worth treating your man too. If there's one thing I know about Men and Skincare it’s that they like simple and it doesn’t get any easier than this lol! Shop it here.

Clinique Moisture Surge is my absolute fave personal everyday moisturiser literally desert island must have - perfect to pop in the fridge during the summer to use as a nice refreshing mask when on the go too !! Shop it here.

YSL is at it again with their beautiful luxe take for their Holiday look. The High on stars collection is all things pretty for the starry eyed lovers and so of course my everyday go to is naturally one you need to all add to your list. TOUCHE ÉCLAT is a product nearly every single client who comes for a lesson with me ends up purchasing, I swear by it and have done for years . It is the most beaut product to apply under the eye area to lighten, brighten and smooth. It also now comes in a high cover option to help with any blemishes which is so great! Using to much of a heavy product under the delicate eye area does age you quicker so TOUCHE ÉCLAT is the perfect go to! Shop it here.

If you don't pick up one thing from MAC Cosmetics Holiday Collection every year are you even living?? Here’s my pick of the bunch from this years Starring you holiday collection because you just can’t go wrong with a pretty face powder with a warm glow for summer ready skin! Run don't walk they also have afterpay ;) Shop it here.

MECCA at Christmas is basically the one stop shop for you to find anything for the beauty lover in your life. From Skincare, to GHD’s and all of the greatness in between you simply cannot go wrong.

So what are my top buys from MECCA? Their own inhouse label Mecca Max is a great place to look if your after stocking fillers or a gift that won't cost a bomb as their pricing is awesome. My favourite Mecca Max products are their liquid illuminators and the Zoom shadow sticks so good!!

Apart from that if you want serious brownie points then add the Hourglass limited edition palettes to your list, every year I purchase these and hate the thought of missing out. Hourglass is an incredible brand and has so much variety on offer. Their CAUTION MASCARA IS ALSO THE BEST FYI!

Mario Badescu also do their travel size packs of the facial sprays! I often buy a few of these as they are so handy for my kit and for adding to any last minute gifts. Super affordable and a great product!

I am all about a good Fragrance and so it’s pretty obvious Jo Malone scents sit very highly in my to buy list. Most of their scents are actually unisex and you will see both Regan and I rocking our JM on our wedding day. The best thing about Jo Malone is being able to customise your very own scent simply by layering, or if its too overwhelming to choose their xmas mini cologne collection is one I highly suggest picking up - either that or the Limited Edition Orange Bitters candle is also to die for!

Here's one you can both enjoy!!! These Sony Noise Cancelling headphones are epic and worth every cent!! I was kindly gifted some to try for myself from Sony and they are a game changer especially for when on road trips and I don't want to hear Regs bad singing any longer lol!!! Shop them here.

Her names Calloway and she has been on many ventures sitting pretty on my head. Will and Bear create the best hats for the road which you would have seen Regs and I rocking numerous times over the last few months. I have always had a big obsession with hats and over the years have collected many but nothing compares to Will and Bear. For every hat purchased a tree is planted how cool is that! Get amongst the vibe here.

Sunday Supply Co are the legends behind these Tassle umbrellas, we purchased one over a year ago now and it is easily one of our Summer must haves!! Not only do they look so stylish even if its just for shade in your own backyard, they are super durable and pack a punch. Like having a cool beach set up like us?? Shop your new brolly here.

Birkenstocks, the gift that just keep on giving!! Year round I absolutely live in my birks, they take me from the sand to the sea, from the pavements to the hills and everywhere in between. I have worn birks for years now and I dont think I’ll ever get enough. The new Suede collection colourways are also epic and there’s even some pretty nice shades for the man in your life to rock around in this Summer too!! 100% worth investing in guys!! Shop them here.

Our Wandering Folk Coolie bag comes everywhere with us and makes the perfect adventure buddy. Whether it's keeping the bevvies cool or playing home to some of your fave snacks, these are an awesome gift to give and receive especially if they are like me and are a lover of all things boheme! Shop them here.

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