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I Got Hacked!

Incase your wondering where my old website has gone, along with all my blog posts well that makes two of us!! Sadly while I was in Australia on Holiday sipping cocktails like in the above image, some low life decided to hack my website and delete everything off the server - Bastards!

I was super upset to begin with, for 5 years I have worked so hard to build my website and poured my heart, soul and ALOT of hours into all of my writing, information and photos I shared online. BUT then I got to the point where I was like screw it, every cloud has a silver lining so here's to fresh new beginnings!

You can expect to see the normal stacey posts and alot more epicness on my new space. I have changed servers, and had to start completely fresh so here's hoping no more hackers will be ruining my life anytime soon haha!!

Side note for bloggers, wordpress is one of the easiest web platforms to hack, even if you pay for the extra security, like i was it clearly doesn't protect you at all. All of my posts were backed up, but since they erased the entire server there goes every single ounce of my work! From now on I will be drafting in google docs, so that if something does go awol again, I atleast have something to fall back on.

So there in summary is a quick update on why this space is looking so blank, bare with me as I try and get everything back into place, it's a bloody big job let me tell you that!!

Stacey x

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