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Just so you know.. you are loved

It's Mental Health Awareness week this week here in New Zealand, something that shouldn’t have just one week dedicated to it, but actually should be talked about every single damn day. There’s this real stigma around people being to proud to ask for help, well guess what stop being so fucking proud.

I’m sorry if you find my language offensive at all in this post, but this is a topic that really gets to me. I have lost quite a few people in my life to suicide over the last few years, all really amazing people, who each had an incredible gift to share with the world.

Some left behind partners and children, and all left behind Mums and Dads, Aunties, Cousins, Uncles and other family members who loved them dearly. They all shared one thing in common, they felt incredibly lost and alone in this world and that is the thing that breaks my heart the most.

When I think about how they must feel in their time of need, it gets me right in the soul. But it’s also why we should all work on being real with each other, normalise that it’s ok to not be perfect and to make mistakes because life isn’t smooth sailing for any of us and every single one of us knows that..

It’s time we open up about Mental Health and just be bloody decent humans. I’m actually sick of social media lately and it’s screwed up ways of trying to normalise such unrealistic bullshit. I think this is a huge factor in the suicide rates of our young, now being so high and it’s 100% Not ok!!!

The last two years of my online career, have become increasingly painful, as people are more in search of fame than they are of actually genuinely doing good by others.

I was chatting to multiple people today discussing how grateful we are to not of had Instagram in our lives growing up. Yes we still had bullying issues within our school years, but there wasn’t all this social pressure of comparing yourself to others every second of every day.

These days if you're not pretty or instagram famous it makes you “not cool”, which is the biggest bullshit i have ever heard! Whoever talks that jargon needs to take a seat and really look at themselves in the mirror, EVERYONE is equal likes or no likes! - but also why are you making your life so dependant on social approval?! STOP NOW!!

Just this morning on my feed was an image of a girl with basically everything exposed captioned… when I was 5kgs heavier… I'm sorry but What?!?

  1. Since when did our weight become anyones business

  2. You do not need to expose yourself like that online to get noticed

  3. I just don’t understand how this has become ok? It’s sending a really fucked up message to society that this is normal?

It makes me so sad that the current young gen are exposed to this life. The expectation that they can afford to eat out everyday in fancy cafes, wear designer clothing, have abs by not even exercising but by taking a “pill” or drinking a “tea”, go on luxury holidays, be a “girl boss” by being an “influencer”, drive fancy cars and are instantly the next Kim Kardashian of New Zealand if they get over 400 likes.

Sorry but the reality is…. eating out is expensive that life is not realistic at all and half the people you see doing that everyday have probably emailed cafes asking for a “collab”. The clothes are probably rented, and that “Girl Boss” well they are probably still living at home.

With zero expenses, wealthy parents and don’t actually know how many years of hard work it takes to create and run a legitimate business and to go through the struggles of self employment. And all those “friends” they have, are normally people they align with because it will raise their online profile. Welcome to keeping it real in 2018!!!

My message to you if you struggle with comparison, or feeling like you don’t belong in this world is You absolutely belong here, you are loved so incredibly loved and you will do amazing in your life time. Do you know how? Just by being you!

Don’t fall into the trap of who you think you need to be by what you see online, manifest your own amazing bubble and focus on being the kind of human, people truly need in their life. Live a life with value, and people who truly love you and I promise you will be so much happier.

Everyone gets so caught up trying to be someone they're not, or trying to please everyone else. even people who aren't nice to them just to try and be cool. Meanwhile there are kind souls out there who would do anything for anyone else, but have never actually ever been asked if they are ok. These are the people we should pay attention to!!!

Be the person who smiles at strangers, tell your friends and family how much you appreciate and love them, do something random and kind for someone less fortunate than you, because at the end of the day our days are numbered here on earth and as I've said before… no one will stand up at your funeral when your gone and say oh yeah i loved your selfies that got thousands of likes but you can bet your boots, they will talk about what you did for them and how it changed their life.

Be a bloody life changer for the sake of all of those who have gone before us, who really needed that kind of person and make an impact on others hearts not their eyes!

In honour of all those struggling or feeling shit about themselves in any way for whatever reason - I’m here for you, please never feel alone.

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