Life Beyond The Squares

Every day you wake up and you most likely check your phone then scroll your social media feeds..correct? 

I’m guilty of doing the same, but about 6-8 months ago I pulled back the reigns and realised my life has so much more meaning, than letting myself be over run by social media. As a content creator for the last 5 years my job involves me being on my phone a lot, I also run a business which relies on social media and phone use to communicate with my clients, so in some way it’s an essential part of my daily living. 

The thing is, it was having a huge impact on my mental health, I was constantly stressed, felt like I had so much to do all the time (still do), often felt like I wasn't good enough just being myself, and was feeling deflated that no matter what, I just couldn’t beat that damn instagram algorithm. 

So one morning I wrote up a list of the things that made me sad and happy about social media. The biggest point for me was that I felt like this community that I use to love 3 or so years ago, had just suddenly become such a big world of unrealistic bullshit. Where people are all over the place with no clear message. One week it's socks the next it's vodka... *eyerolls

That day I unfollowed all the accounts that made me feel like crap, the ones that made me feel like I had to look or be a certain way and started connecting more with the accounts that lifted my spirits and inspired my soul. This was to remind me why it is I continue to share my life in squares.

I was chatting to a few of my creative friends who also live their life’s online, soon after I started making changes, they too just felt like they had so much to give but were being over crowded. Often this is by “pretty girls” who post a million selfies with their boobs out, only to be told how “hot” they are every day. Which is great for them if that’s what they are about, but then it got me thinking. As creators we have an audience and access to make such a difference in people’s lives, why are we not making the most of this?

If you are a full-time creator, who earns a living weekly or monthly from social media, then chances are you have been given some incredible opportunities. But at the end of the day, we get those chances not just because of our content, but because of our audience. Why would you not want to give back to the people who support you the most- it just makes no sense to me?

Since I switched from producing only beauty content to following more of my life journey it has always been my mission to create content that adds value to your life, that inspires something within you to try new things or maybe even its as simple as having one of my posts make you smile on a crappy day. I also vowed to myself that at least once per year, I would do what I could to raise money for a charity or help out in my community. 

Focusing on this has also helped my own mind a lot more, sharing my passions without pressure, sharing moments via images that mean so much, pulling away from friendships that weren’t healthy and made me feel sad but most of all I have now seen that I have the ability to make an impact on others life’s, it's so easy to do and it has made such a difference in the way i now look at everything around me.

Social media has no doubt been one of the biggest causes of mental health issues in our younger generation, I hear it from my ball clients all the time. I wish I looked like her, I wish I could do that, I wish I was her friend.The thing is those girls with perfect skin have often edited their images, the girls who look like they are “popular”  are often so lonely and only hang out with certain people to raise their social status. 

So forget what you see online, focus on your life, and do what makes your soul shine. For me I find my peace in adventure, discovering new places and creating amazing memories with my loved ones. Sure I share some of these photos online, but I never go to a specific place just for the gram. It's so important to capture moments as they happen, that is where the magic truly lies. 

Don't get me wrong, I most definitely still have my days where I just want to hit delete on my profile, where I want to unfollow the people who pretend to be nice all for a few likes and a little social approval but I’ve realised that’s just life and at the end of the day like my mum has always said to me, people soon see others true colours. 

So I hope this little message from the heart, shows you that everyone you meet is fighting their own battle. Don’t be embarrassed to say some days I just can’t do life today, unfollow the pages that make you feel not good enough, and replace them with the people who know their truths.

Life is far too short to spend your time stressing about what people think of you, what you wear or who your friends with. Take a step back from those things and let yourself be free. Explore your passions, and for goodness sake chase your dreams! I don’t care if that sounds cheesy, I chased mine and am proof that the road no matter how bumpy - it is 110% worth it. 

Make your life about waking up each day with a smile, working a job that makes you feel proud, but most of all it’s keeping the humans close that let you love who you are and the journey your on, who celebrate your success with you not against you, because they are the ones that genuinely matter. 

Trust the timing of your life, and focus on those Good Vibes

Stacey x

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