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MECCA Open Its New Doors

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

When Mecca Maxima landed in the Garden City I was over the moon. It meant no more buying online for brands that fast became so easily accessible, but now they have gone and made life even easier with the opening of their latest and greatest MECCA store.

I was lucky enough to be there for the opening today and be one of the first to check the store out before the crowds stepped foot into Christchurch’s latest beauty lovers dream. A store that’s easy to get around, has the most amazing natural light and is just so full of energy and life ….So what can you expect from the new store?

Well there's A LOT of incredibly beautiful products and quite a few new brands now on show for us to get our hot little hands on. I was invited to chat to Carly from MECCA NZ Head Office and had the chance to ask her a couple of questions <3

What brands are you most excited to now have here at MECCA Christchurch?

Le Labo would be my top pick , it's a new brand originating from Brooklyn. I really love quite masculine type fragrances and these are great because they are also Unisex. The Santal 33 especially is a really nice scent. A lot of the brands we have in the new store,have been available across both Mecca Maxima and Mecca Cosmetica , now we just have them both in the same space. We also have some really exciting new brands coming through in October which I can’t reveal just yet, but keep an eye out for those.

What would be your top 3 product picks?

Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum - You cant go wrong with a Vitamin C product for brightening of the skin

Kevin Aucoin Mascara -Great for those who rub their eyes!!

Mecca Cosmetica In a good light Tinted Moisturiser - It’s SPF30 and gives a skin like coverage with a beautiful glow

Now that we have a Mecca Perfumeria available to us what is your favourite go to fragrance?

Definitely Amyris Femme by Francis Kurkdjian, it was my wedding day fragrance and my husband wore the Homme version. I kept it especially for that day and now everytime I smell it , all those memories from that day come back.

and last question what are some of the new features of the store customers can look forward to?

Our new Skin area which comes complete with a sink - so in the New Year we will be using this space to offer in store skin services which is really exciting. There are more stations where you can play with product, and we have heaps of new minis on offer around the store which are great for travelling or if your simply wanting to try a product out without commiting to the full size.

So you have heard from Carly but now what are a couple of my top picks?? Hourglass is one of my must have brands in my personal and professional kits. With the warmer weather on it’s way their Ambient Lighting Bronzers should be at the top of your list. They are a great product for those that want to add warmth to the skin without a muddy look but also give you beautiful luminous glow. You need minimal product to add dimension and shape to your face and the bonus of this luxury brand is that its Cruelty Free also.

ABH Dipbrow Gel

With the warmer weather comes days at the beach, so i'm all about minimal makeup that also wears well when I decide to go for a quick dip in the ocean too!! Its a product that gives great colour pay off so be light handed as it works on your brow hairs and the skin. It’s also waterproof, so super long wearing and perfect for travellers!

Hourglass Caution Mascara is another product I can't be without!! This mascara is one of the best I have tried in a long long time!! As someone who is often working hours in all different weather conditions without the time to touch up, I can trust that everytime I wear this I know I'm guaranteed to not have panda eyes.

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

Ask anyone who comes to me for a lesson and they will tell you this is the one product I say every single person needs in their life. It will last you a really long time so totally worth investing in and it sits beautifully as a setting powder for not just all over your face but especially under the eyes.

Drunk Elephant Dbronzi

Mix with your moisturiser to give your skin a fresh new lease on life. It adds the perfect amount of colour and has so many skin benefits making it perfect to wear alone with SPF or under your foundation too.

I have to stop at 5 products or I will literally be here forever, Hourglass glosses, Smashbox Primers, ABH eyeshadows there’s so many products I just absolutely adore!! So if you want to check the store out for yourself I highly recommend you do so, or better yet book in with me for a lesson with an in store visit.

It’s so much fun and MECCA is always one of my main spots because I can not only work within your budget but also ensure you are getting the best quality products for your hard earned $$

Congrats MECCA on the opening of another beautiful store that sure is set to take all of my money… without even trying <3

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