Note to self - 19 things to remember for 2019

I quite often find myself writing little notes left right and centre. From reminders to quotes and basically anything I think of that seems to resonate for that moment.With a New Year, it brings us new days to not only reflect, but to also do better. 2019 for me is shaped to be pretty crazy, a good crazy of course. But I wanted to hold myself accountable, so that when I have days where I feel like the weight of the world may be on my shoulders I can come back to this post, to take a deep breathe and remember the 19 things I shouldn’t let myself forget…

  1. You are not a super human, don’t burn yourself out!

  2. People pleasing helps no one, your happiness matters too.

  3. Don’t forget to laugh, clap like a seal if you must but laughter truely does cure all!

  4. Buy the new Spell collections - shopping soothes the soul duh!

  5. Continue to look at the world with open eyes, don’t let the shadows of comparison or social media fog your journey - you're worth more than that.

  6. Never let anything cost you your peace. Good Vibes only remember!

  7. Be kind and helpful to others, but also be careful not to give too much of your kindness to those who don’t return the favour.

  8. Focus on the humans who actually give a shit about you all the time, not just when it’s convenient for their situation.

  9. Chase more sunsets and reflect on how bloody lucky you are to be alive

  10. Write down one thing EVERY single day that you're grateful for.

  11. Eat the potatoes, life is there to be lived all that matters is that you're bloody happy.

  12. Give more time to those in need, paying it forward gives good karma always.

  13. Manifest the shit out of your life and make those dreams come true!!

  14. Tell someone you love them every single day!

  15. Spend more time being present and focusing on real human connections.

  16. Keep putting more soul into creating a legacy for your brand, Be more, Do more - because nothing great ever happens overnight.

  17. Fight for what’s right and let the light shine on things that need to be talked about.

  18. Continue creating epic content for the awesome companies you align with, be more than just a social presence.

  19. Every day you wake up, the very moment you open your eyes decide it will be a good day. All mountains have valleys in between and it’s totally normal if things don’t always go to plan. Everything serves a purpose in your life remember that …just let it happen and don’t forget to breathe. You got this <3

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