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Saving My Skin - One Treatment At A Time!

I have been going to The Cosmetic Clinic here in Christchurch, since the moment they opened their doors at Riccarton Mall. If you are a long time follower of mine you would have seen the numerous posts over on the old blog (got hacked RIP) where you would find me raving about not only the service, but also the results!

I have been super slack lately and hadn't actually had a Micro treatment in 4 months - Oops Sorry Rosa!! But going back today reminded me, that even though I live a crazy fast paced life, I still need to find the time to look after Me and my face too.

Now before I start talking about my skin journey ahead I just want to make it clear, that although I think my blemishes etc are bad I realise that on the bigger scale of things they actually aren't. I have always had pretty good genes and have never suffered from Acne or anything too severe like that. 

So let's start with what I normally get when I head into The Cosmetic Clinic, my normal appointments involve Laser Hair Removal and regular Microdermabrasion Treatments. Simple, effective and quick - exactly what I'm all about!

But as of today I have a new skin schedule and I am actually really excited to see how it all pans out. This morning I went into the CBD Clinic in Christchurch (my new hangout) and met with my therapist . From the moment I met her, I felt instant relief. 

She is such a kind soul and a ball full of knowledge, exactly the kind of skin fairy I need in my life. As I'm getting older -26 next month! There's definitely been more things pop up that I have noticed I dislike about my skin. From my freckles, to my slightly scarred chin she has put in place a new plan of attack to make sure I'm always one step ahead of my age.

Today we did my normal Micro treatment, followed by LED light treatment. If you're unsure what Micro's are they are basically a deep exfoliation of the skin, that also help to reduce fine lines, pore size and help with evening out the skin tone.

In the 10-step treatment your therapist will also apply an active mask and do any extractions that may be needed.  Extractions are probably my least favourite part, especially around the nose area as my eyes always water... but beauty is pain right!!

So what is LED light? This was my first time trying it out and the benefits of the treatment are incredible! The LED lights are targeted deep into the skin cells to help with faster healing, decrease any pain from injury, reduce acne and lots more. Your therapist can also change the lighting, depending on what it is you're concerned with. I was under the light for about 15minutes, and it was pretty relaxing - you could totally have a nap while it's on you.... just saying! 

So what else can you expect to see on my skin journey? Botox, skin needling and laser vein treatment are a few new treatments you can expect to hear me chat about. Skin needling kind of freaks me out, but I have been assured the results are incredible. 

From what I understand Skin Needling is where small needles create a minor trauma to the skin, which in turn helps with collagen production, skin smoothing, pigmentation and helps to also reduce fine lines. The healing time for this is 3-5 days but it can be different for everyone, so I'm looking forward to seeing how that all goes.

To touch briefly on the botox side of things, let me make it clear im not after the Joan Rivers look, but I have do have one line of concern, which is what I like to call my "Concentration line" between my brows.

When I'm working I obviously frown when I'm concentrating too much and in turn there is one slightly deep set line that likes to hang out on my face. It also creates massive headaches for me after a day of working, as I obviously tense up that muscle quite a lot in that area.So I'm interested to see if this will work. Keeping in mind I am nearly 26, and I am doing this more so to prevent being stuck with something I can't fix later on in life.

Then last but not least the Laser vein treatment is one I am really intrigued by. Apparently it is super common for us to have little veins in areas such as our cheeks and nose. I have a couple starting to appear that my therapist suggests we get rid of with one treatment before they become too noticeable.

Common causes of this are being in the outdoors in harsh conditions, and running hot water on your face. Two things that make total sense, as I am often out in the wind and cold weather walking in the hills. Admittedly I do love myself a long hot shower, where I just stand under the water after a busy day of clients, so this is probably a main cause oops!

As you can see there is going to be lots of changes over the next few months but I am super excited to see some great results. As I get older my skin is so much more important to me, and with the help of the pro's I think I'll be on the right track.

I highly suggest you head into The Cosmetic Clinic and talk to them about any concerns you may have. The Microdermabrasion treatments and Laser Hair removal are two I swear by so make sure you check them out. Don't forget you can mention my name anytime for discount off your treatments!!

Stacey x

As a partner of The Cosmetic Clinic, my treatments are complimentary but my opinions are still honest and 100% my own. 

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