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Sustainable Skin With Okana

Although my life is still yet to be 100% green, I am really intrigued by the companies who are making new waves in the industries we all know and love. For me, I am dealing with new clients every single day, each who have their own opinions on products and what they would prefer to use.

I have tried a few “natural” brands but am yet to find one I really love and know I can trust to perform well within my kit. It’s like anything when you find a routine that really works for you, it’s always hard to find anything else that will compare. But I am dedicated to being able to cater to my clients every need, no matter what their preferences are.

When I was approached to work with Okana Skin Care, I did a lot of research and was really interested in trying their range out for myself. Although I haven’t had enough time to give them a fair trial yet where I have seen any real results, I am able to share my first impressions, and impressed I am! Let me tell you why...

First of all their range is NZ made and cruelty-free, which I think is pretty freaking cool, and I am all about supporting local. The concept for the brand has actually come from home remedies, which are true tried and tested by Okana’s founder Vibs.

She personally suffered from problematic skin and wanted to create something to help others facing skin concerns just like hers.  You can read her full story here, it’s 100% worth a read!!

When the products first arrived at my door, I couldn’t help but double look at what they were made of. Literally, all ingredients are fruit or veges and I mean really, for a naturally derived product line, it makes sense, doesn’t it! Plus these days everyone’s all about reading what’s in their food, so why not start being more interested in what we are putting on our skin?? I think the one that intrigues me the most is the Lettuce and Cucumber Juice Mist Toner. Like lettuce on your face,what?!?

This will be amazing in the Summer, after being left in the fridge to really wake you up in the AM!! It’s also fragrance and alcohol-free, specially formulated to hydrate your skin cells and rebalance the natural Ph for your skin.

One product we all need in our lives especially with Summer on the way is the Brown Sugar & Olive Oil Body Scrub. Anything with sugar in it give it to me!!! But at least this is like a healthy sugar ya’know LOL! The specially developed formula includes olive oil and apricot oils which assist the skin with the removal of dead skin cells.

The olive oil also contains Vitamin E which is really key to aiding the skin. It helps to treat inflammation, acne and any dryness. Then you have the anti-oxidants, minerals and good fats that fight free radicals.

Using a scrub will not only leave your skin smoother, but it’s also great for removing tanning products and as a skin a prep. I absolutely love the feel of silky smooth skin after a good old scrub, so if you're the same I totally suggest adding this one to your list.

Currently, I am also trying the Mango & Apricot  Sorbet Cleanser. I have always used a liquid cleanser, so it’s kind of strange getting used to something that more of a creamy/oily texture. It definitely makes my skin feel really nice, this is probably due to it being packed full of vitamins that are incredible for your skin. Plus it’s also designed to prevent blocked pores, so I’m looking forward to seeing those results.

From the Vegetable Garden Day Moisturiser to the Bamboo Beads Face Scrub, it’s hard to look past Okana. If your someone already into more natural products, or maybe you're like me and your just starting to experiment on that path a little bit more, I truly think this range is a great place to start. I mean it doesn’t get much better than Fruit and Veg right and using potent plant-based ingredients proven to be effective, there really is no time to second guess transforming your skin.

Take a look at the entire range at Then grab your favourites on the website or in selected supermarkets.

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