About ME

Hello!! I’m Stacey a 26 year old Adventure loving, Sun Chasing Makeup Artist from Christchurch New Zealand. I created my blog Originally called Painted Lips in December 2013, after feeling there was a gap in the market for honest feedback or product comparisons online, especially when it came to the Beauty & Fashion Industries.

I was brought up surrounded by Fashion & Beauty so this is what led me to take on the career as a Makeup Artist over 10 years ago at the age of 16 . I absolutely love being a Makeup Artist and getting to work with so many incredible people and companies, it truly is such a dream job.

During my career I have worked for brands such as Chanel, Smashbox Cosmetics and MAC Cosmetics. I am currently self employed fulltime running my own business as a Freelance Makeup Artist, with social media and content creation work on the side. I am lucky enough to currently have 3 assisting makeup artist who also work under my brand and are all extremely talented ladies.

Although I am based in Christchurch, you will often find me all over New Zealand and afar working on Weddings, Commercial jobs and many other special events. If you haven’t picked up yet I am a keen traveller and adventurer so I absolutely love that my job takes me to some really beautiful places.

I hope that my love and passion for life in general and of course the creative industry I work within inspires you to live your best life as you scroll through my posts.

If you would like to collaborate, make a booking or have your product featured in any way please be in touch via email staceybmua@gmail.com

Stacey xx