About ME

Hello!! I’m Stacey a 26 year old Adventure loving, Sun Chasing Makeup Artist from Christchurch New Zealand. I created my blog Originally called Painted Lips in December 2013, after feeling there was a gap in the market for honest feedback online, especially when it came to the Beauty & Fashion Industries.

I was brought up surrounded by Fashion & Beauty, this is what led me to take on the career as a Makeup Artist over 9 years ago at the age of 16 . I absolutely love being a Makeup Artist and getting to work with so many incredible people and companies, it truly is such a dream job.

During my career I have worked for brands such as Chanel, Smashbox Cosmetics and MAC Cosmetics. I am currently self employed fulltime running my own business as a Freelance Makeup Artist and do abit of Social Influencer work and Content Creation on the side. I am lucky enough to currently also work with 3 assisting staff who are amazing.

Although I am based in Christchurch, you will often find me all over New Zealand and afar working on Weddings, Commercial jobs and many other special events which is amazing because if you haven’t picked up already I absolutely love exploring around the place.

I hope that my love and passion for life in general and of course the creative industry I work within, inspires you to live your best life as you browse through my posts.

If you would like to collaborate, make a booking or have your product featured in any way please be in touch via email staceybmua@gmail.com

Peace, Love & Makeup

Stacey xx