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Back Your Backyard - A Moody Stay At Milford Sound Lodge

Milford Sound is well and truly known for its unpredicatable moody weather. I had high hopes that our second visit would maybe mean we got to catch some sunshine and I was totally wrong. A one night stay at the beautiful Milford Sound Lodge soon became two when the only road in was closed due to a really bad storm and we became officially stuck in Milford Sound lol.

Luckily Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful spots in New Zealand and although the bad weather meant we couldn't explore it also mean't we were surrounded in our gorgeous Chalet by the most incredible raging waterfalls, something you definetly dont see everyday, especially when it's your Birthday too.

Milford Sound Lodge is perfectly situated in such a great spot and provides an experience unlike any other. We were in one of the Riverside Chalets which is definetly an option I would suggest for anyone looking to splash out on the whole Milford experience, you can't stay many places where you watch beautiful waterfalls whilst you eat your brekkie thats for sure. The bath was a nice added touch especially with the weather not exactly being tropical during our stay lol.

Our chalet had everything you could possibly need, a comfortable bed with all the added blankets etc should you need them, WIFI, Sky TV, DVD player for movies, A mini kitchen with microwave and floor to ceiling windows that hold the most incredibly relaxing view. If the Chalets aren't for you ,

Milford Sound Lodge also offer campervan sites and other accomodation options if your working more on a budget or travelling with a group too.

The lodge is the only Accomodation option and one of two places with food offerings within Milford Sound and is located closeby to the Boat tours which is super handy and another must do for your Milford list, we did ours with Southern Discoveries and they were an awesome team. Although moody, Milford is one of the most magical places, there's just something about the mystery of the mountains surrounding you that really takes your breath away.

Now more than ever our local business owners in places like Milford Sound really need our support. So if you have ever considered heading south please do. I can promise your time there will be not only magical but something unlike anything else that is offered in New Zealand. There are also many amazing walks and day hikes within the area too, these can be weather dependant also so always keep an eye on the DOC website just incase.

Wherever your next adventure takes you, I hope you take a positive spin on this whole Covid situation and use it as a way to back your backyard and explore to places locally that you probably would have never thought about. Sure the sunshine in Fiji would be nice but we are so spoilt here in New Zealand with so many gems beyond just Queenstown that are waiting for you to find them.

Thank you so much to Milford Sound Lodge for gifting us a one night stay - this blog is an honest review not swayed by the gifting xx

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