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Waterfalls You Need To Visit In The South Island

There's no denying that Regan and I are forever on the road following our next adventure,and every time we head away we try to find at least one Waterfall for every trip we do. There's something just so soothing about hiking through the bush, and ending up at a magical waterfall to take a moment to calm the soul - oh and of course it makes a pretty fab spot to take a break for some lunch too!

This post has been requested a lot and so I am finally here putting pen to paper to make sure it has a permanent home on the blog for you to always refer to. As always all of our adventures are often saved to my highlights on Instagram too, so don't forget to check there for some of our other favourite spots and for more Waterfall spam as there's heaps more where these came from.

So here we go in no particular order here are 8 of our favourite go to waterfalls, these are easy to get too and deserve a spot on your South Island adventure list for sure!

- First off Fiordland - there are hundreds if not thousands of waterfalls from Te Anau to Milford so this is definitely somewhere that needs to be on your bucket list.The scenery is insane and makes you feel so dang lucky to have this in our backyard. We have done multiple boat trips through the Fiords and it’s something everyone should do, a very cool experience even for the kiddies.

- Devils Punchbowl - Located in Arthurs Pass this one is always a fave among many people, its actually one I have visited at least once a year for the last 7 or so years . Although we prefer to not follow the normal tracks, (that is the hunter in Regan for ya) please be careful in doing so! We follow the track up the side of the platform and walk up closer to the base of the falls. Be careful as the force is quite strong and you will get wet lol, it’s not so bad on a hot day but it can be chilly when it’s overcast so dress appropriately.

- Charming Creek Walkway Waterfall - Located on the Wild West Coast and probably one that isn't as talked about, but is really beautiful .. I'm likely just very biased as we actually got engaged here! Again the actual track takes you opposite the falls on the other side of the river, after you cross the swing bridge so instead we went bush walking and climbed a lot of massive boulders to get to the base of these falls. Good footwear is required and be prepared to get wet from the spray. These falls will always be super special to us and even more so because they are never over run with people, its super calming and peaceful there, a true gem.

- Ryde Falls - One of our fave tracks in Canterbury, Ryde Falls is always another goodie we like to do especially on the days where we don't have heaps of spare time to road trip far away, but want an adventure and a bit of a decent walk in one go. Suitable footwear is required as some of the track is a little loose. I wore my trainers on our most recent trip but had a lot more ankle and knee support when I wore my trail shoes the time before, so keep that noted if your someone who has weak knees or ankles lol. Take your bug spray and in the Summer months bring along your togs for a dip in one of the top pools! Dogs are allowed on leash here too yay!

- The Catlin's - Much like Fiordland, The Catlin's is absolutely swarming with stunning and breathtaking Waterfalls, it is truly a magical place .We love the entire area of The Catlin's, there's just so much to see and do it's definitely worth popping aside a few days to really check out as much as you can that's on offer while your there. I also highly recommend doing sunrise at the lighthouse, it’s super cool and so nice to be there before anyone else !!

- Coal Creek - A pretty easy 3.6km return walk through the woods and an even better spot to cool off on a hot day with the pool at the bottom of the falls. This is a nice one for a family adventure too! You really can’t beat the rugged west coast and all the adventures it has to offer.

- Wainui Falls - Located near Abel Tasman, which you will know is one of our absolute fave places in NZ If you have been following me a while. The walk to Wainui falls is really nice and a great one for the whole family. You will find this Waterfall over the Takaka/Golden Bay side of Tasman, so make the most of your time in that neck of the woods and visit a few of our other must stop spots, which you will find mentioned in some of my other blogs.

- Carew Falls - Located in Lake Brunner this is a really nice walk to get to the falls. Roughly around half an hour to get to it ( DOC times are always predicted for longer more leisurely strollers ) for the round trip so its great to do if your passing through on your way to other parts of the coast.

Here's a bonus 9th just because it’s super easy to get to from Christchurch for those who are new to adventuring - Dog Stream Waterfall in Hanmer Springs! A good 1hr each way hike with the 41m falls at the end, it’s not super challenging but again we’re appropriate gear as the conditions on the track will depend on the weather. Bug spray is needed as there's always a few mozzies around!!

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