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Breaking the perception on guys getting skin treatments!

The dreaded "Before" shot - the unflattering up close shot no one likes hahahaha

So when I first suggested to Reg's he should try getting a Microdermabrasion, he kind of gave me this weird look of what even is that ..followed by but you get that done isn't that for girls?

Little did he know The Cosmetic Clinic cater to everyone, and my fave treatment was no exception. With Regan being in the Army he is often exposed to all kinds of different weather elements and conditions, he's often sleeping out in the wilderness and not cleaning his face properly for sometimes weeks at a time. 

Reg's has pretty good skin, but the one thing he often use to talk about was the black heads on his nose, I would try and get them out although satisfying it was quite the mission LOL!! I had a chat to Rosa the owner of TCC one day when I was in getting a treatment and asked her if she thought it would be beneficial for Regan.

Obviously with him being away a lot he can't commit to frequent bookings, but we found a date that worked and got him into the new CBD clinic for his first taste of a micro! I could tell he was a little nervous, being in a place that normally is just for the gals but once he was in the room he was fine.

During the consultation I basically had to answer all the questions for him, he had no idea what his skin type was, what products he currently uses his words were "I dunno i just use whatever Stace gives me *eyerolls typical male...

Turns out he actually loved the treatment so much that he fell asleep during it, the only part he found kind of warm and weird was when the active mask and steam were applied. The most satisfying part for me was seeing all those black heads be extracted haha!!

The point of Regan getting this treatment was just to help add some more hydration to his skin, even out any texture, give it a good ol exfoliation because lord knows how often he actually bothers to exfoliate and of course refine those pores. 

I highly reccomend getting your man to treat himself too, especially if they aren't that great with skincare or also work a job where their skin may be taking a hit. You can totally go in with them too if they feel weird about getting it done, the girls at TCC are all super lovely and make you feel right at home. 

Regan's been away from just after having his treatment so i will update on any results when i can see it for myself in the flesh! If your thinking about getting this done or maybe treating yourself to a different treatment, you can feel free to mention my name "Stacey Banfield" at any The Cosmetic Clinic and you will get $$ off!

* As a partner of The Cosmetic Clinic this treatment was kindly gifted although experiences and words are our own! 

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