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Canopy Camping - Cattle Flat Hut

Just when I thought Canopy Camping couldn’t steal my heart any more than it already has - we took a night off to relax at the dreamy Cattle Flat Hut. A modern tiny home situated on the Banks Peninsula (near Pigeon Bay about 1 hour from Central Christchurch), a magical spot surrounded by the rolling hills and ocean below.

Driving along the farm track to the hut you are greeted with farm animals and some of the best views. From the moment we pulled up at the hut I knew this was going to be mind blowing. The first thing you notice is the large hot tub sitting on the deck, but upon walking in you soon realise every single detail is just as beautiful.

With an indoor bathroom and kitchen right at your fingertips this makes for a luxurious and comfortable stay - a lot of Canopy’s properties the bathroom is detached which means a late night sprint is often in order ( all part of the experience though right!).

The owner Dave met with us upon arrival to make sure we had settled in well, Regan already had the hot tub ready to go at this point as we were eager to jump in and watch the sun set around us. We had the most incredible golden light from the moment we arrived that shone through the hut and filled it with warmth.

By nightfall we watched the stars above on one of the clearest night skies I have seen in quite some time, it did cool off a little bit so we headed back inside, popped the fire on and snuggled up in bed. There is phone service at Cattle Flat so this is a great option if your parents that want a getaway but also want to be able to be in contact with the family and not too far from home should you need to head back.

I tried to stay off my phone and not work as our Canopy Stays are generally the only breaks I tend to get at the moment so it’s nice to really have that quality time together. We woke to the sky lighting up around us, and could lay in the comfort of the hut to watch the sunrise over the ocean right in front of us.

This has to be one of my most favourite moments every single time, watching the new day come to life around you but made even more special waking next to the love of my life in yet another beautiful part of New Zealand.

If you're yet to try a Canopy Camping stay out for yourself, please do so - It honestly is so incredibly magical and the best excuse for a mid winter escape. To book your stay at Cattle Flat Hut click here

I feel so lucky to work with such a fantastic company who allow so many to experience something that truly does take your breathe away thank you for having us Cattle Flat Hut - stay tuned for next weeks adventure #CCEAmbassador

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