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Dreamy Day's in Byron Bay

Bryon Bay, the one place I have travelled to that truly makes me feel like my soul belongs there. The suns shining, the people are smiling and the ocean is never far from sight. Our recent trip was nothing short of incredible, from Kombi adventures, to chasing the sunset everyday - we truly were living the dream.

Byron Bay is best described as Chilled AF, no ones in a hurry, everyone pretty much walks the pavements in bare feet carrying a surfboard and more often than not you are serenaded by acoustic music no matter where you go. 

I don't even know where to begin in describing this magical town, but I can tell you now if your a Foodie you will be in absolute heaven!! Byron has the coolest cafe's and places to eat where more often than not you will find raw, organic or vegan foods. Our fave would have to be Bay Leaf, this is a really popular little cafe that often has lines out the door.

Romer App sent us there to try out their menu but on the day we ventured to treat ourselves it was super busy. We headed next door to their takeaway outlet Leaf & Grain and had the most incredible Bacon and Egg Rolls - Holy Moly they were so dreamy!!

Another must visit for food would be The Farm at Byron, this is little more expensive but such a cool set up!! If you have visited the Ground's of Alexandria in Sydney, it reminded me a lot of that! My tip is don't go on a Sunday because there's also a surcharge. It cost us roughly $70 for x2 eggs on toast, an OJ, a small Latte and a donut, but the overall experience totally made up for the price lol!

Our original plan whilst in Byron was to rent out a Kombi for a week and campervan our way around the area, that was until I was offered an awesome campaign with, that we just couldn't say no to!

So instead we settled for a 1 day hire thanks to Retro Campervans and had the time of our lives. If you have followed me for a while, you will know that I have wanted to own my very own Kombi since forever ago, so this for us was a real highlight of the trip.

We picked up Lily our little blue babe and cruised around New South Wales, stopping off at a lot of hidden gems along the way. I wont list everywhere we stopped because that's all apart of the fun but Lennox Head and Bangalow are places you totally need to check out. 

The rest of our trip was made up of Shopping and more adventures - The shopping is incredible if your a boho gal like me. Everywhere you look there is printed goodness and crochet galore! All of my fave brands were born in Byron Bay so I knew I was going to be in for an absolute treat, and let me also just say that the way their stores are set up are bloody beautiful and totally make spending your money that much more amazing!!

Surprisingly enough Regan did A LOT of shopping on our way to Byron at Burleigh Heads. This is also a really cool little hip town, home to a lot of AMAZING boho homewares  - I could have literally spent so much money my only issue was getting it home, I will find a way!!

The rest of our time in Byron was spent adventuring of course, with things like Sunrise at the Cape Light house, watching the surf at "The Pass", chilling out on the beach at Watego's all among some of our fave things to do. 

We also visited Killen Falls and took a dip which is an absolute must do! It's a little bit of a mish to get down to the falls, but whats life without  heading off the beaten track! This was so much fun, although the water was mirky and i was scared a croc would get me - I can confirm no crocs but a great time LOL!!

Overall it's hard to find words to describe Byron, and there's so many places I don't want to share because I feel like thats all apart of the fun - discovering your own little spots and creating magical Byron memories of your own. 

We will be back very soon, as there's still so many things we want to see and do in a place that truly to us feels like home <3

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