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Updated: May 15, 2023

For years I have dreamed of having a special space to welcome my clients into. From the days of working out of a smaller beauty room at my mums to building our own home I always knew exactly what was to come one day soon.

So here we now are, my space is 90% complete and I am such a proud mum. Its everything I could have imagined and more. I’ve never been someone who likes to be the same as everyone else, I like to walk my own path and you could say my style is unique, timeless and all about textures.

I think it’s safe to say we have nailed the “Stacey Vibe” with this and watching the talented creatives I had be apart of this journey, absolutely smash the ball out of the park by bringing my vision to life was incredibly heart warming.

From the initial days of building our home is when I first started talking with joiners about what I was after, I went through 4 companies who I felt just weren’t quite understanding what it was I was trying to achieve . I panicked a lot and thought I would never get there as its really nerve wracking when spending a hefty amount of $$ on a custom set up - I just wanted to make sure it was going to be right.

Then out of the darkness one of my amazing clients mentioned she worked for an interior design company. She invited us in to look over the plans I already had drawn up from a previous company, and we went from there. She was amazing and such a pleasure to deal with. She put me in touch with Sydenham Joinery who were so efficient and on the ball with everything from day one.

From there we had a couple of meetings going over the materials that would be used, and then it was a waiting game for everything to be built and an install date was agreed on. The wait time was 10 weeks which was perfect as it’s often hard to tie me down in wedding season, so luckily I can be a little more flexible on weekdays.

The guys who came out to install were super professional, they cleaned as they went and let me be annoying popping in and out of the room to ask questions lol!! They asked me what was going to go in the drawers and when I told them makeup they both were stunned that I owned more than one lipstick … guys huh!!

Then the main units were in, I had this feeling of immense proudness that finally the day was here. The craftsmanship was impeccable and 100% worth every single dollar spent. Then the fun began - STYLING!! This is where I belong, ever since becoming a home owner i have become obsessed with homewares and working with different textures, I literally restyle our house every season LOL!!

The statement piece -There was never any doubt that a hanging floral arrangement would be found in here. This little babe is even more special as it includes some of the florals from our Engagement party and holds alot of meaning to me. Courtney from Twig and Willow Flora is one of my absolute favourite humans, she nailed exactly what I had in mind and is extremely talented at what she does. She is responsible for pretty much all the florals in studio, - which also feature some of my valentines day roses gifted to me by Regan.

I draw inspiration for my love of wild and dried flowers from a couple of my favourite companies Nikau Flower bar and Spell designs. Both based in Byron Bay I have for years always been obsessed with all that they are about and am constantly captivated by their ability to create and bring life to the little things that people often disregard as lifeless weeds.

Other key features in the studio :

My incredible arched mirrors, a follower of mine kindly put me in touch with her partner who was a great guy and again nailed exactly what I was after. He had these sorted and ready to install within a week which is bloody good customer service if your asking me and they were half the price of custom designed ones i had looked at online!!!

Skincare and Fragrance Bars : An idea I have had for as long as I can remember, and something that had to be apart of it all. A professional little area that I love working with my clients in. This particular part of the studio is where I get to educate and let clients play with the products without the pressure of a sale. I don’t sell products at all so it’s really special to be able to give unbiased advice on what I think best fits each individual.

Work station Stools : I knew I wanted something unique that tied in my vibe with this part of the room. Originally I was after full cane but then I found an image online and couldn't go past it. I looked everywhere to import these into NZ and then chatted to my cousins husband who runs his own interior design company (Indigo Designs). Within a couple of days he was at a suppliers and hit the jackpot. From the first image sent through my reply was SOLD and the rest is history.

So whats left to do? The hunt for my drawer dividers continues, I wanted to support local and got a quote from a plastics company who came out and quoted me for each drawer. I knew it wouldn’t be cheap but when I got the quote back at $1000 per drawer I decided I would look elsewhere. Incase you didn’t realise I have internal drawers within every big drawer so by the time we would have fitted out every drawer it would cost nearly the same as my entire joinery set up lol!!

Im in talks with a lovely lady in Australia who works with makeup storage, so we are looking at some options which is a little tricky given the drawer size, so for now I decided to make do with what I had made for my previous custom makeup units. I still have a lot of unpacking of boxes to do but i just wanted to be able to see all my products again but it will do the job until I find the best possible solution.

What makes my studio vibe different to anything else?

It’s never just about makeup for me, I pride myself in giving an amazing professional experience beyond just a service. It’s a different space unlike anything else where people enter as clients and leave as friends, they are inspired and educated by the free reign of trying something new.

I love that since going out on my own a few years ago, I have been able to expand my knowledge on all high end brands and share my love for the beautiful products I am so lucky to work with everyday. The studio is a dreamy place that brings a smile to all, with lots of hidden treasures that reflect so much of who I am and i feel so lucky I get to share that with everyone who walks through my door.

I am so proud to share this with you all and I hope you love it as much as i do. Through passion, hard work, patience and a real genuine love for what you do - you truly can achieve anything you put your mind to. Nothing is an overnight success story, but i encourage you all to peruse whatever it is that sets your soul on fire no matter how long it may take to get you to your final destination.

I can guarantee the sense of pride you feel when you meet each step is so worth it, for now this is only the beginning of what i am planning up in my little world. x

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