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I Got Injectables !!!

A post I thought I'd never be one to write ...but here I am! Now before i get into this please let me reiterate the fact that I am not wanting to freeze my face completely, I like my natural lines in certain places and I want to still have movement within my face LOL!

A few months ago I decided I would speak with the team at The Cosmetic Clinic about injectables and if they thought I required treatment in the areas I had concern with. The main area for me was just between my brows slightly, as over the years I had noticed one particular line becoming a lot more prominent. 

This line seemed to always show more so after I had been working a full day, therefore i named it my concentration line. At first it didn't bother me, but then over time it seemed to show more and I also noticed I was getting a lot more headaches. I put this down to the way I was obviously holding my expression when concentrating and tensing that particular muscle. 

So I headed on to The Cosmetic Clinic in the CBD and met with Caroline the Injector there. She is so lovely and made me feel so comfortable straight away. Although I was still secretly thinking to myself, what am I thinking do I really need to be doing this.

Here I am in the most unflattering way,  just before I went into the clinic, frowning as hard as I could to show you the lines lol

After speaking with Caroline I was confident that she completely understood exactly what I was wanting. I wanted to still have some movement, the Joan Rivers look is totally not me, I was more about just softening the lines and to also help relax the muscles.

I had fully worked myself up for it to hurt, but surprisingly it was totally fine, I would liken it to a little prick, you can feel it but it's no worse than the feeling of a needle when getting a blood test done. I am now just over a week post treatment, and I absolutely LOVE the look.

It took a couple of days for it to all kick in, it's actually a weird feeling loosing movement there more and more each time you looked in the mirror. Now Regan finds it hilarious as he always tells me to frown at him and I literally can't LOL!!! No matter how hard I try lol!

I can report that so far the muscles seem a lot more relaxed, I haven't had any headaches or side effects at all. If getting Dysport is something you're considering, make sure you go in and have a consultation with the team at The Cosmetic Clinic. They really know what they are talking about and totally listen to exactly what it is you are wanting to achieve. 

I want to give it a little more time to see how it all wears etc before I decide if I will continue getting it done, but so far so good!! The feeling of trying to frown and not being able to is actually just so weird, so I think that is the only thing that takes a little getting used to. Eventually I may look at getting my lines by my eyes done, but I don't think I will for quite a wee while yet as I still like those as they show my expression when I smile etc. 

 As always even though I am a partner of The Cosmetic Clinic, all opinions and experiences are my own :) The bonus for you is that you can mention my name in any of The Cosmetic Clinic's nationwide at anytime, for $$ off your treatments yay!!

P.s I tried to upload my comparison video into here but it wouldn't allow me to, so stand by as I try and figure that out lol!!

Stacey x

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