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The 20 MAC Lipsticks You Need In Your Life!

As a self confessed lipstick queen, it's only right that I take advantage of creating posts like this to share my excessive collection of MAC lipsticks right?

So I thought why not share the 20 shades I use the most within my professional kit. These are a mix of Matte, Sheer and Satin Finishes, in a colour range fit for every beauty lovers wardrobe! While I'm on the topic don't forget to keep all your empty MAC containers, save them up and then when you have 6 empties take them in store and pick yourself out a brand new lippy or eyeshadow!

Normally there is a restriction on the shades and colours available but generally it is their top 20. so chances are your faves will still be an option to pick from.

If your not lucky enough to have a MAC store in your area, you can call 0800MACSHOP for all phone orders!

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