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Walks And Hikes Within Canterbury

Hey Guys!!

Currently at the moment we are in such crazy times, the worlds biggest event to happen globally since World War 2 - Insane that we are here to see it all. During this time I have to say it’s been so nice to see a lot more people getting active.

Here in NZ we had the announcement today that we will move into Level 3 as of next week, this now means Day hikes are allowed BUT ONLY if they are local to you, be sensible and responsible . I still want to encourage you guys to stay home and play your part BUT maybe once a week for a change of scenery you can head to get active somewhere with a view - just dont forget social distancing where needed!!

So with that being said, I have put together a list below with a selection for some of Regan and I’s favourite tracks across Canterbury. You will be able to then work out how close in distance they are to your home- most of these have beautiful views at the end which is also a nice treat. Some of these are more for medium to advanced fitness so make sure you read them properly to ensure you are ready for weather conditions etc - take lots of water and a windproof jacket as often on higher summit hikes the wind does pick up. Always check the DOC website for all warnings and to ensure these tracks are open etc.

It’s likely we are only going to be allowed to travel in our own backyard for a while to come , so I hope you guys enjoy exploring our immediate backyard to begin with as much as Regs and I love it already. We truly are so lucky, especially here in Canterbury so please do take a moment at the top and take it all in - take photos to add to the memory bank and tag me!! I can’t wait to see your adventures x

Port Hills and Banks Peninsula

-Crater Rim Walkway - this is a combination of most tracks within the Port Hills

- Coopers Knob - Starting at the Gilbraltar Carpark You will find this along part of the Crater Rim walkway too. its an easy climb, (although still not suitable for little children) with a very rewarding view especially on a calm day!! Its actually the highest point in the Port Hills

-Godley Head Track - 3hrs relatively easy we always start at the top of the hill and walk down to taylors mistake and then back up so you will experience some uphill on the way back :)

-Packhorse Hut Track - Start in Gebbies pass this is for an Intermediate fitness level but is a great walk - pack a picnic to have at the top and take in the view - this can also be accessed from Kaituna Valley

-Major Hornbrook Track - Relatively easy and doggo friendly starts in Lyttelton and goes over to Mt Pleasant

-Mt Herbert - A Full day Hike please only do this if you are an experienced Hiker and have a good fitness level, weather conditions need to be checked for this one too, so then your not risking your safety or the safety of others. Views are epic at the top!!

- Montgomery Peak Walk Akaroa - 2hrs and Intermediate fitness level is required - beautiful views at the end to treat you ! This is an extension on from the Giant Totara Walk

-Saddle Hill Summit Track - One of our faves, dogs allowed and beautiful views await you at the top. It is a relatively easy track but is quite uphill on the way up so a decent fitness level is still required.

-Harry Ell - Park at the Victoria Park Carpark 2hr track pretty easy for all fitness levels

- Sumner Beach to Taylors Mistake

Other Parts of Canterbury

-Bottle Lake Forrest - Family friendly and lots of tracks to run, walk and bike on. It’s easy to get lost in there though so keep your bearings lol - some tracks will also lead you to the beach

-Glentui Waterfall Track - 30mins return so a good option for the family take a picnic and make a day of it. Take bug spray as often theres lots of sandflies in that area. There are also other tracks in the area that are abit longer in length

-Washpen Falls - Good way to spend part of your day track is easy to medium depending on your fitness level. This is privately owned and they do charge you to access the track $5 is normally the fee to pay. You may want to call ahead first to see if it is open - again pack for the day and all weather conditions as it can be quite alpine like there.

-Kennedy’s Bush Track - Starts at the end of Kennedy’s bush road and is a good walk with some incline. Leads to the top of Summit Road, so again make sure you cross over the road to take in the views of the harbour too.

There’s a few tracks to get you started, I will add more each week to keep you on your toes so don’t forget to check back, we have lots of faves within 2 hours of Christchurch BUT I will hold off on these for another couple of weeks as I don’t want to encourage travel that far just yet until we are all allowed to do so :)

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