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With Love- Jo

I can’t actually believe how fast the time has gone since we got engaged - 8 months has flown by and now we are just over one year out from the big day. With every special event that has happened in my life, i’ve always had a scent i associate it with. So when Jo Malone invited Regan and I into their counter at Ballantynes here in Christchurch to find our Wedding day fragrances it was an easy yes!

Jo Malone is a brand that is all things luxe and more.I learnt so much that I didn’t know about the brand from the lovely ladies on counter and we shared one of the best experiences together which was so special. From my days on counter working for Chanel I have always valued the importance of layering body products with your fragrance, so it was really cool for Regan to learn the Jo way and to see how it truly can fully customise your scent.

All Jo Malone scents are unisex,so to begin they went over different ones with us so we could narrow down which we were more drawn to and why. Then they treated us to a dreamy hand and arm massage ,where they introduced us to their body products. (Regan thoroughly enjoyed this part of course).

Here is where the customization of your fragrance begins and they show you how different your end scent can be by changing up the way each is worn on the skin. For both Regan and I it was a really hard decision choosing which would be “the one” - AKA a fragrance that will be kept safe and worn only on the day we say I Do - no pressure right….

It will be one that for each of us when worn reminds us in the future of our love, and the love of all those around us that was shared on a magical day together. With ocean views and boheme vibes, it will be the scent that starts the beginning of the rest of our time together.

Heading in to see the teams at the Jo Malone counters is such a lovely way to spend quality time with a loved one or group of friends, especially when looking for a way to celebrate a special moment in time. It truly is such a luxury treat and one I encourage you all to take a moment and try for yourself, especially as it’s something a little different to the norm.

Thank you so much Jo Malone for a dreamy experience and one we will treasure forever, we can’t wait to wear our fragrances on our big day and have them tell the tale of all things love, also very excited to reveal which scents will signify our forever closer to the day x

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